Container Refund Scheme

On November 1 2018 the Queensland Government began the Containers for Change Container Refund Scheme. With the aim of increasing recycling rates and reducing litter, the scheme allows Queenslanders to exchange eligible drink containers for a 10-cent refund.

Opening on May 30 2019, Rural Contracting Qld's depot is an authorised container refund point for the containers for change scheme.  Our professional over-the-counter depot service offers a quick and easy way for you to turn your containers into cash. 

Recycle With Us

It's easy to exchange your containers for cash with Rural Contracting Queensland!

Step 1: Collect eligible containers

Step 2: Return your containers to our depot.  

Step 3: Enjoy your reward!

Refunds are available in cash or via EFT. If you choose to be refunded via EFT, follow this link to complete a quick & easy sign up for a Containers for Change scheme account.

Eligible Containers

Most glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and paper-based cartons between 150mL and 3L.

Ineligible Containers

Containers not commonly found in litter, including all plain milk, flavoured milks 1L and above, pure juice drinks, wine and spirit bottles, cordials.